2015 Halifax County Heritage & Antique Machinery Festival

Tinker's Car Club of South Boston Sponsors Classic Car Cruise-In at Festival

A popular display at the Halifax County Heritage and Antique Machinery Festival is the Classic Cars Cruise-In sponsored by the Tinker’s Car Club of South Boston.  

The Tinker’s Car Club of South Boston attracts as many as 200 entrants from around the region each year.  Beautifully restored cars and trucks dating back to the early 1920’s create an impressive line-up for festival visitors to see and reminisce about the cars and trucks of yesteryear.   

The original Tinker’s Car Club formed in the 1950’s but disbanded after a few years.   The group was re-organized in 1980 by founding members Jimmy Lee Wilborn, Tincy Reagan, Ruby Reagan, Bennie Phillips, Gene Comer, Ken Reagan, Tony Phillips, Bobby Shotwell and Dan Wingard.      Club member, Terry Butler, said the group was for men only in the beginning, “The club was first a men’s only club, but eventually women were allowed to join.”  Butler added, “Today the club consists of about 10 member families; in other words husbands and wives now make up a big portion of our membership.”

According to Butler, years ago when the Heritage Festival Committee was in its infancy, the Tinker’s Car Club was invited to a meeting.  “Several of our members attended the meeting and we decided to become a part of the festival,” Butler said.   Long-time member of the club, W. H. Phillips added, “We felt like being involved with the Heritage Festival could help our club, too.” 

The Tinker’s Car Club is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of antique vehicles.  Its members enjoy the automotive hobby and devote their membership dues and other revenue exclusively to helping local needy children and families.  Wayne Bowen explains that profits from cruise-ins throughout the year are always given back to the community.  “Of course, we have to maintain a certain amount of seed money for expenses, but all of the money we make by conducting 50/50 drawings goes back to the community,” he said.  “The club is also very fortunate to have a good relationship with Italian Delight and Frutopia because when we host a cruise-in there, Vinney and Andrea donate a portion of their profits that evening to our club,” Bowen added.      

“We are very glad that we’ve been able to give back to our own community,” said Raymond Butler.  “Over 90% of the money we make during the year goes back to the community,” said Wayne Bowen.  Bowen noted, “The Tinker’s have helped families who’ve lost their homes to fire, we’ve helped with medical expenses for car accident victims, and we’ve also helped with medical expenses for families whose children needed surgery or other medical treatments.”    

The Tinker’s Car Club members enjoy hosting cruise-ins and traveling around the region to classic car shows.  “We are just one big happy family who loves to travel around to area and regional car shows,” said Terry Butler.  Some club members attend the classic car shows each year in Myrtle Beach, Charlotte and Raleigh.  Area shows the group enjoys attending include Clarksville, Chatham and Roxboro, in addition to the Heritage Festival.

Be sure to visit the Tinker’s Car Club Cruise-In at the 12th Annual Halifax County Heritage and Antique Machinery Festival Saturday, May 2nd at the Halifax County Fairgrounds.

Festival times and dates are: Friday, May 1st from 12 noon until 9 pm; Saturday, May 2nd from 9 am until 9 pm; and Sunday, May 3rd from 1:00 pm until 5:00 pm.  More information about the 12th Annual Halifax County Heritage and Antique Machinery Festival is available on line at www.halifaxcountyheritagefestival.org.

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