2018 Halifax County Heritage & Antique Machinery Festival

The 15th Annual Halifax County Heritage and Antique Machinery Festival will feature the Grand Opening of the Grist Mill Saturday, May 5th at 12 noon. 

The Grist Mill, a vision of a group of Heritage Festival Committee members began several years ago when the committee obtained gears and stones from the old Sizemore Grist Mill that once operated in the Omega area of Halifax County.

With gears and grinding stones on hand, the group began traveling to various locations looking at exhibition grist mills to formulate a plan for building a mill that would become a permanent working exhibit at the Annual Heritage Festival. 

Once the group found the design they felt would work best, beams were ordered, a construction team was assembled, and construction began in February 2017. 

The dedicated construction team spent the past 15 months erecting the grist mill that is located at the rear of the Exhibit Hall at the Halifax County Fairgrounds.  The frame-work is an 1800ís design of mortise and tension joints with wooden pegs.  The split-level design showcases turning stones on the inside with the gear-works visible at the back of the building.  The massive water wheel is powered by a recyclable pump.   



The Heritage Festival Committee is very proud of the all-volunteer team that came together to grade the land, build a retaining wall, install the water wheel, and erect the mill.   The project went from a group vision, to sketch on a piece of paper, to an actual working grist mill in a little over one year.   The committee is also very thankful for the gracious donations of supplies and building materials from many area businesses and industries which helped make the project a reality.      


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